(Alternative) Writing Tips & Advice

Plenty of writing tips are available on the internet (as well as various other sources). However, some advice is contradictory and not all of it is relevant (or right) for each writer (or in their best interests). Indeed, some advice can even be counterproductive.

Most advice and guidebooks revolve around telling you how something should be done; be it creating plots, developing characters, writing dialog etc. This is fair enough, but it’s frequently quite general, and not the same as empowering you to make better decisions for you and your book.

As well as exploring the merits (and otherwise) of typical advice, Paul’s book, Creating Your Masterpiece – A Novel Experience, has been designed to help authors make better writing decisions, and not just any old how, but in line with your motivations, aims and ambitions - and from pre-conception and first drafts through to publication and promotions.

It’s not a step-by-step writing manual. It’s the antithesis of that.

If you are looking for manual-style instructions then you can easily find that both online and offline. Simply type whatever questions you have into DuckDuckGo.

On the contrary, if you are looking for more options, new perspectives and more original guidance aimed at empowering you then feel free to check out Paul’s book.