My name is Paul, and I'm a longstanding (published and self-published) writer (fiction and non-fiction).

My book, Creating Your Masterpiece - A Novel Experience, gives extra perspectives and additional food for thought across the book writing spectrum, from pre-conception to publication and promotion.

In the course of writing this I thought it would be helpful for writers (not just novelists) to have a free central resource where they could find agents, discover good bookstores, make contacts, ask questions and get tips and advice from other writers. As such, I've set WriterAid.org in motion. Please browse the site, click the links, take advantage of the free features, spread the word, and benefit as much as you can from it.


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Who is it for?

This site is by writers for writers. It's especially aimed at helping the great many talented writers out there who, for one reason or another, don't have publishing deals (either because they prefer to remain independent, or because the system favours established authors).


What is it?

It's a dynamic site for your benefit. This means you can not only take advantage of the various free resources, but you can participate and contribute yourself by joining groups/networks, posting articles, taking part in forum discussions, reviewing books, blogging, offering services etc.


Is it free?

It's intended to be as helpful and as free as possible. Most of the key features are 100% free.


What about services?

Some paid services for writers are excellent. For example, top editors can often make a significant difference to the books of any author (and not just newbies). As such, this site also lists some paid services. Notably, these are entirely optional. Essentially, you are welcome to use all the free features, but if you'd like additional help and support there are links to service options (where you can deal direct with the supplier – not WriterAid.org – and at discounted where possible).