Whether you want to attract a publisher or self-publish it is far easier said than done. To get published usually means submitting to agents (a notoriously difficult process) before you even get a sniff at the (actual) publisher stage.

While traditional publishers can assist with things like editing and printing (assuming you are one of the tiny minority to be plucked from the mountainous slush pile), they are not there to hold your hand and spoon-feed you every step of the way from drafts to megabuck-backed promotions. There are also lots of things to consider - cons as well as pros - to getting published. As such, self-publishing is a serious proposition for even established writers these days. Alas, there is a lot more to self-publishing than meets the eye too. And it’s a lot more challenging than just submitting your MS Word manuscript to Amazon. On the contrary, self-publishers either need a wide variety of skills, or a greater breath of knowledge (and potentially resources) than traditionally published authors. That said, get it right and the rewards can be potentially greater. But you need to approach it with open eyes and make the right choice for you. To this aim, you really need to understand the options, implications and hurdles to make better informed decisions.

To this aim, you should find the ‘Agents, Publishing & Self-Publication’ section of Paul’s book Creating Your Masterpiece - A Novel Experience helpful.

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