Writing Help

Many writers think they are the finished article before they actually are, and as such don’t look to widen their knowledge, improve their skills or seek specialist help. That’s their prerogative. The fact that you have navigated your way to this site suggests that you are more self-aware and lucid than them. And you are right, because help can be invaluable at all stages of your writing career. For example, even household name writers had to go through a learning curve and hone their craft before getting to publication stage (where they subsequently still benefit from yet more help by working with the likes of editors and proofreaders).

Where to start?

Well, before hiring a top editor or enrolling on an expensive course, it would be an idea to read ‘Creating Your Masterpiece – A Novel Experience.’ It’s a no-risk option that is discounted for users of this website that doesn’t just give you lots of tips, advice, examples and practical sessions, but it also provides plenty of food for thought on other help sources such as books, courses and editors etc.

You should find it a very enlightening first port of call, but if you’d like to dive in headfirst you’ll find other options below.