While many independent writers go down the ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) route when it comes to creating, printing, publishing and marketing their book(s), it takes a very broad skill set as well as plenty of headaches and a lot of, time and effort. As such, a lot of writers (both independent and traditionally published) take advantage of specialist service providers to help them with at least one or more aspects of creating their book and getting it to market.

In addition to providing you with free resources such as our writers forum and literary agent and publisher directories, one of the aims of this website is to provide a convenient and helpful central platform for writers to check out (and potentially engage) writing sector service providers.

Service providers can register free, but we do encourage them to offer users of this site fair and/or discounted rates. To help ensure quality we also encourage users to provide feedback about the providers. We also make it clear to service providers when they register that the continued inclusion on our website is dependent upon them maintaining fair prices and quality standards. Links to services are listed below.


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It is free for you to offer your services for writers/authors on this website.