Book Sales

Book sales are hugely important for most authors (both independent and self-published) yet most authors miss out on sales, rather than maximize them.

Indeed, some books that have the potential be huge bestsellers fail to even get off the ground, let alone into bookstores.

Well, if you go with a traditional publisher they will expect you to, or if you self-publish the your book will almost inevitably languish in obscurity if you don’t market it well enough.

How come?

Various reasons including publishing books before they are at their best, standard designs, wrong publishing choices, poor marketing, stale promotions, and failing to identify golden opportunities - missing out on reaching larger audiences and generating more sales.

Only you know how successful you want your book to be, but unless you widen your options and optimise your strategy, then you are essentially just limiting your sales capacity.

But it doesn’t have to be like this – there are things you can do (both conventional and less conventional) to not only create a better (more marketable) book but also boost sales (potentially dramatically). Many authors don’t achieve anywhere near their full sales potential. You can – but it won’t come without action on your part - you need to be proactive about it.

If you’d like help creating a more marketable book and boosting sales, then you should find Paul’s book Creating Your Masterpiece - A Novel Experience helpful.

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